Hannibal Buress Destroys a Drunken Heckler at Show: 'You, Sir, Are Social Terrorist'

The 'Broad City' comedian expertly made a joke aimed at a drunken heckler at his show at the Grand opera House in Wilmington, Delaware.

AceShowbiz - Hannibal Buress completely destroyed a drunken heckler in front of everyone during his "Comedy Camisado" show at Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware. The drunken heckler yelled at the comedian during his show on Monday night, March 30.

"Why can't you hold your liquor?" the 32-year-old comedian asked. "Actually, I want to give you an excuse to be drunk, and not just a s**tty, obnoxious human being. I've done s**t when I was drunk. Not interrupt a show that 1,100 other people are watching."

Buress went on joking, "When I'm drunk I like to ruin one or two people's nights, a cab driver, a bartender, a woman that I'm seeing. I don't go in a big venue that 'wa...wa..' " He stopped for a while before making a hilarious remark about the heckler, "I like to work on a small scale. You, sir, are social terrorist."

After the remark, he continued his ridiculous joke, "You have a bigger need for attention that I do. At least I worked at it and got on television. You can't even parlay this into any p***y! You can't hang out in front video, saying 'Hey, that was me, yelling like a jacka**. Wanna have a drink?' " Later, he added, "If you want attention, you have to do what I did and work really hard for thirteen years."

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