New Biography Details How Steve Jobs Becomes Disney's Largest Shareholder

The new biography, titled 'Becoming Steve Jobs', tells about how Jobs had to deal with his returning cancer as Pixar was bought by Disney back in 2006.

AceShowbiz - More than three years after Steve Job's death, a new biography titled "Becoming Steve Jobs" unveiled details that made him the largest shareholder of Disney. In the tome, written by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, it was revealed how the Apple's CEO informed Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger that his cancer was back just hours before Disney announced it was buying Jobs' Pixar studio back in 2006.

Iger, as stated in the biography, decided to keep Jobs' condition as a secret, reasoning that Disney's $7 billion deal for Pixar was neither about Jobs nor his medical condition, and thus it did not need to be disclosed. "You're our largest shareholder, but I don't think that makes this matter. You're not material to this deal. We're buying Pixar, we're not buying you," he was quoted as telling Jobs. And so, despite Job's cancer return the deal was still sealed with no one knowing about his health, except his wife Lauren Powell, his doctor, and Iger.

Jobs was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2003 and then underwent surgery the following year to remove it. Unfortunately, the tumor returned and he had a liver transplant in 2009, that same year when he took a medical leave of absence.

"In that three-year period, I always knew exactly what was going on with Steve medically," Iger was quoted in the book as claiming. "He and I would talk all the time, and since I kept things secret he confided in me". The full story can be read on "Becoming Steve Jobs", which will be unveiled Tuesday, March 24.

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