Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Reportedly No Longer Speaking to Each Other

The 'Mission: Impossible' actor and his ex-wife reportedly don't communicate at all and rely on the help of intermediaries to discuss their daughter Suri.

AceShowbiz - Tom Cruise is no longer speaking to his former wife Katie Holmes, TMZ reports. Sources tell the site that Tom and Katie don't communicate at all and rely on the help of intermediaries to talk about their daughter Suri.

The sources say that both Tom and Katie harbor bad feelings. Tom's side says the "Edge of Tomorrow" actor is still involved in Suri's life although he hasn't seen her for months because he's been filming "Mission: Impossible V" in London. According to the sources, he will visit Suri when he returns to L.A.

Katie's side, meanwhile, says the "Batman Begins" actress is displeased with Tom's lack of involvement in Suri's life.

As Katie has lately been rumored dating Jamie Foxx, the sources refuse to comment on the rumors but say that Tom is concerned with Katie's choice of male companions because of a possible negative influence on Suri.

In related news, a new rumor of Katie and Jamie emerged on Wednesday, March 18 as Us Weekly published a photo of them holding hands at a studio. The magazine said Katie and Jamie first hooked up in October 2013.

A friend said of Katie, "Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with. She's getting everything from Jamie that she didn't get with Tom." The pal added that the pair "have no desire to go public. It's not exclusive." Another insider claimed Jamie called Katie "my girl."

Gossip Cop was quick to come up with a denial to the dating rumor though. The site cited its own source close to Katie as claiming that the rumor was "not true." Another source in Jamie's camp echoed Katie's source, adding that they're "just friends."

Of the photo, the site said that it was taken at a read-through for a new animated movie. "There were other people in the room, there was nothing romantic about their affection," the site explained.

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