Shia LaBeouf Debuts New Look, Sports Rattail Braid

Shia's new look consists of a rattail braid and a piercing on his left eyebrow, stirring public's curiosity whether it is his personal style or for movie purpose.

AceShowbiz - %cShia LaBeouf% is now sporting a new hairstyle. Shia rocked a rattail extension braid when she was spotted running errands with his girlfriend on March 2. The length of the braid is below his shoulder. It is still unclear whether the hairstyle is for his new movie role or Shia just wants something unique for his hairstyle.

This new hairstyle was first noticed by photographers when he appeared at local vapor shop on Thursday, February 26 in Sherman Oaks, California. When he was spotted at local vapor shop, Shia was wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and his trademark pale-brown boots. The 28-year-old actor was not alone. His girlfriend %cMia Goth% was tagging along.

Rattail hair was influenced by punk culture. It was especially popular when punk culture was getting popular. Its peak was in '80s and '90s. There were some celebrities that sported rattail hairstyle in the past, including %cMiley Cyrus%, %cRihanna%, %cAnne Hathaway%, and many more. Shia's rattail hair is tinily braided. It is questionable though whether it is real hair or hair extension. The new hairstyle is the new addition for Shia's look aside from the new piercing he has on his left eyebrow.

Recently, Shia completed the filming on "Mandown" which tells the story of former U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer who is looking for his son's whereabouts. He was also starring in %cSia Furler%'s "Elastic Heart" music video with 12-year-old %cMaddie Ziegler%. Both were performing meaningful art dance. However, some viewers felt offended with the music video since it is suggesting pedophilia and Sia had to offer her apologize for it.

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