Tokio Hotel Talks Next Single, World Tour, Acting, Writing Book and Clothing Line

Tom and Bill Kaulitz say they might one day launch their own clothing line and act in either big or small screen since they already had a lot of test shoots.

AceShowbiz - Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel sat down for an exclusive interview with Just Jared, to which they opened up about issues ranging from their next single to them doing acting and writing book. The brothers also shared about their celebrity crush and chance of them launching their own clothing line.

Being asked what their next single would be about, Bill revealed, "In Europe it's going to be 'Feel It All', and in America, we are still undecided, because we are still working with 'Love Who Loves You Back'." He then quickly added, "But in Europe and the rest of the world, it's going to be 'Feel It All'."

Regarding their highly anticipated "Feel It All World Tour 2015. Part 1: The Club Experience" which is slated to be kicked off on March 6th in London, England, Bill shared, "This is going to be way different than anything we've ever done so far. It's going to be like super small, special, nightclubs or clubs, like life clubs. But sometimes we play in like a church, so it's either in a special location or a legendary club. And we actually want to put on, like not a normal live show. We want to try turn this into a nightclub. We really want to take our fans to a party. So I think it's going to be great." Tom went on adding, "We're in the middle of putting everything down right now. There's going to be a crazy light show."

Bill, furthermore, gushed, "It's going to be a good light show, and it's going to be small, just up to like two thousand people, I think. And then we're going to continue, like later on this year, we're going to do the arena shows, the bigger shows. But we're going to start with that, it's exciting. We announced the first fifteen dates, I think? And then we are just going to continue." Tom hinted further, "It's going to be really intimate, and super hot. It's little venues, and sweating people."

In further interview with Just Jared, Bill and Tom Kaulitz also talked about some personal things. They addressed on possibilities of them acting in big and small screen, writing their own book, and launching their own clothing line.

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