'The Affair' Star Ruth Wilson Says Women Are Treated Unfairly in Sex Scenes

The Golden Globe-winning actress wonders why actresses have always to show their breasts and do 'the orgasm face' on screen.

AceShowbiz - %cRuth Wilson% criticizes the male-dominated movie industry. "I have a big concern about how women are treated in the industry generally," she tells Net-a-Porter magazine, questioning why on-screen sex has to focus more on the women most of the time.

"Women have to provide the titillation because penises can't be seen on screen but breasts can," she says. "It's assumed that women will get their breasts out, and have to get their breasts out, and I balk at that. It's unnecessary and it's unfair."

"Why have I always got to do the orgasm face? There should be a male orgasm face," the Golden Globe winner continues. "Why is it always the woman who's orgasming? Let's analyze the male orgasm. Why aren't we thinking about that a bit more?' "

Of her steamy scenes on "The Affair" with co-star %cDominic West%, she says, "These scenes need to be real and they need to have a narrative as much as any other scene." She adds, "They can't be purely titillation. They need to move the story forward and the characters forward."

"So for Dominic and myself, every time it came up we asked, 'Do we need this? What are we saying with it? And how can we choreograph it so that it has something to say, so that we can act within it?'."

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