'24' to Sideline Kiefer Sutherland in Next Installment

FOX reveals the plan to explore a story for the upcoming '24' installment where Jack Bauer is not the main focus.

AceShowbiz - FOX talks the future of "24". During the Television Critics Association panel this weekend, the network's executives Dana Walden and Gary Newman tease their plan for the next installment. "We would love nothing more than to do another 24. That's a constant focus for us," Newman said.

Nothing has been set in stone just yet, but they are mulling over the idea of focusing the next story on the supporting characters although the leading man Kiefer Sutherland may reprise his role later in other future installment.

"We have discussed it with him," Walden said. "Potentially, he won't be in this installment, we're not sure yet. We're not that far along but I know he supports us doing more 24. We're not talking about continuing the show without him; we're talking about whether there's one installment that he's not in."

"I think if the storytelling is exciting enough, that real-time element that the show really owns - so many of the production aspects are so unique to that show - I do [think we could do it without him]. I think [it could be] great characters with that creative team. I look at everyone that's surrounded Kiefer in the last installment and I think it could work."

"[The pitch] was in the very origin stages and it could have gone either way," Walden continued. "There was a point at which Jack Bauer could come in and fit very organically into their story or they were prepared to do something that would be the one installment without him."

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