'Big Brother 16' Winner Announced

Victoria was evicted in the 90-minute finale, leaving Cody and Derrick competing for the grand prize.

AceShowbiz - After 97 days, "Big Brother 16" has finally crowned a winner. The 90-minute finale on Wednesday, September 24 began with a recap of the season so far. The remaining HouseGuests, Cody Calafiore, Victoria Rafaeli and Derrick Levasseur, then competed in the first part of final HoH.

In the first part which was an endurance game, they were on hang gliders. After 40 minutes, Victoria slipped and fell. Derrick tried to convince Cody to throw it, reasoning that Cody had a better chance to beat Victoria in the second part. Cody didn't fall for it so Derrick dropped and Cody won.

Derrick and Victoria competed in the second part of final HoH where they had to place nominee faces in order of the night they were nominated. They had to climb up and down a wall to find the faces. Derrick completed it in 15:29 minutes, while Victoria finished it after 30:03 minutes. They both had the right answer so Derrick won the second part and faced off Cody in the third part.

In the meantime, the Jury had begun deliberating. Nicole Franzel wanted Cody to be eliminated, but Donny defended Cody. Donny Thompson said Derrick betrayed them all and they all agreed that Derrick was manipulative. Zach Rance said Victoria's not playing dumb, she's just dumb, but Jocasta Odom and Caleb Reynolds said they would vote for Victoria.

Back in the house, Cody and Derrick competed for the final HoH. They were asked about what the jurors said after they left the house. They had to decide from choice A or B. After a tie, they were asked the last question which was how long part 1 of the final HoH was in seconds. Cody said 3,120 and Derrick answered 3,013. The right answer was over 3,600 so Cody won.

Cody evicted Victoria. Upon leaving the house, Victoria was asked by host Julie Chen if she floated to the end. Victoria claimed she played with her heart, fought hard, stayed loyal and was proud of her game play.

Victoria joined the jury. The jurors later met the final two and asked them questions. Frankie Grande thought Derrick was the puppet master and Cody was just his puppet. Cody said he played a huge social game and insulted Frankie instead. Derrick, meanwhile, claimed he remained loyal to Victoria but he was always going to take Cody to the end.

Cody said he should win because he never got nominated until the end, while Derrick thought he deserved to be the winner because his social game was better. In their final statements, Cody insisted that he's not a puppet because he gained the trust of everyone while Derrick reminded the jurors that he was never nominated and won four HoHs on his own.

The jury voted and Julie revealed the results. It was 7-2 for Derrick's win. He took home the half-million dollar prize. Julie also announced Donny as the winner of the fan favorite and he got $25,000.

"Big Brother" will return next summer after renewed for two more seasons.

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