Video: Sherri Shepherd Gets Tearful on Her Last 'The View', Jokes About Divorce

Video: Sherri Shepherd Gets Tearful on Her Last 'The View', Jokes About Divorce

The exiting co-host manages to generate laugh as noting, 'When I joined 'The View' seven years ago,...I was going through a very public divorce. Now...I'm going through another very public divorce.'
Sherri Shepherd officially signed out of "The View" on Monday, August 11 in an emotional last episode. Joined by moderator Whoopi Goldberg, another departing co-host Jenny McCarthy and guest co-host Arsenio Hall on the panel, she broke into tears as the audience began chanting her name.

"This has been one of the best seven years of my life," she said. "I tell people, step out of the fear, because I didn't want to take this job, because I'm not a prosecutor, I don't know anything. I have to say my boss, Barbara Walters, pushed me. I cried in my dressing room for three years saying, 'What am I doing on this table?' "

Still, she's "so extremely and profoundly grateful" for her experience with the show. "I'm so grateful for the group of friends and family that I have made and that as supported me," she added. "If you fall, get back up.... I'm so thankful to be here. This is like, I never thought that I would be friends with Arsenio Hall ... taking off my makeup in the mirror with Whoopi ... Jenny McCarthy. Donnie Wahlberg [McCarthy's fiance] calls me more than ever."

Shepherd went on, "This is surreal to me: I am sitting here and thinking 'I can't believe I'm interviewing these people,' " as she looked at pictures of her with "The View" guests behind her.

Later at the end of the show, she said with her son Jeffrey sitting beside her, "When I joined 'The View' seven years ago, Jeffrey was 2-years-old and I was going through a very public divorce. Now my son is 9-years-old and I'm going through another very public divorce. Let's just say I'm happy that Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie were better at picking co-hosts for this show than I was at choosing my husband."

"Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how working on this show has been a dream come true for me. I got to sit across from one of my idols Whoopi Goldberg and I lived out my very own 'Sister Act' working with some of the best women in this business... I talked pop culture and politics. I laughed, I moaned, I cried, but I worked for seven long years to prove I am not Star Jones! I love you all, but it is now time for my new view and I thank you so much for allowing me in your homes for the last seven years and I will see you again real soon."

McCarthy, who just joined the talk show last year, had said her goodbyes in Thursday episode. "I only took a little time but I definitely enjoyed every second of 'The View'," she said at the time.

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