'Revenge' 3.11 Preview: Emily Loses Her Memory After the Bloody Wedding

'Revenge' 3.11 Preview: Emily Loses Her Memory After the Bloody Wedding

Emily's amnesia won't benefit police in the investigation to find out the shooter, who turns out to be the least suspected person.
Who shot Emily on her wedding day? The question was raised by "Revenge" since the beginning of the season and the shocking shooter was finally revealed in the midseason finale aired on Sunday, December 15.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The person who pulled the trigger was none other than Daniel, who's officially Emily's husband now. The groom overheard Emily admit to Victoria that she faked her pregnancy to keep Daniel.

In a preview for the next outing that will air in January, it's revealed that Emily doesn't die after being shot twice, but she apparently has a serious case of amnesia. Asked if Emily really lost her memory, showrunner Sunil Nayar says, "At the moment, she has lost her memory of all of it."

"You'll see how we play out the amnesia story line because it's quite the soap opera trope," he continues. "You never know who's telling the truth at any given moment, so we play with the amnesia idea in many different ways."

Daniel won't be immediately caught for his action since "there are a couple of different people who become primary suspects," but he will be "tormented by the nature of what he's done." Nayal explains, "He's been completely betrayed..., but carrying through with the act was the big moment for Daniel that he will have to wrestle with."

"[He'll also] wrestle with the fact that now he's learned the truth about this woman he's given his heart over to back and forth over the years. So, you'll see a real transformation of him. There's regret that comes from that initially, but then it grows into a strength and hardening in Daniel Grayson because the person he trusted the most has really upended the nature of that trust."

On how the shooting will impact Emily's plan for revenge, Nayar says, "She definitely still wants to take the Graysons down. That will never be a mission that leaves her, but again, with Victoria knowing who she is, and as we play things out coming back, she's going to understand that the way that she has to go about this is going to be completely different than the way she's done it in the past."

Despite being betrayed, Daniel won't take legal action to cut ties with Emily soon. "Daniel actually has the grounds for annulment much more than Emily would at this point in time, but you'll see coming into the next episodes that that's actually not the best option for him at this point in time," the series executive producer teases.

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