Mariah Carey Posts the Wrong Mix of 'The Art of Letting Go', Blames Sound Engineer

Mariah Carey

The former 'American Idol' judge keeps both the 'wrong' and 'real' mixes of her new single so fans can hear it back-to-back and tell the difference.
Fans have been listening to the wrong version of Mariah Carey's new single, "The Art of Letting Go". On Thursday, November 14, three days after the song made its debut online, Carey took to her Facebook page to apologize, make explanation and share the "real mix" of the song.

"Hey Lambs, I have to tell you this, I can't do what I always do and say nothing at all. It is 3:30am (11.14), and I'm sitting on my bathroom floor, very upset by some news I just got from a close friend and employee," she said. In the lengthy statement, the former "American Idol" judge blamed the whole incident on her "brand new sound engineer."

"A mistake was made by a brand new sound engineer whose only task was to press the space bar while my team, and an incredible group of people from Facebook, partied while listening to the properly mixed & mastered version of 'The Art of Letting Go' on repeat from my iPod on my home speakers," she continued.

She then explained why it took her three days to notice the mistake, saying, "Clearly, I was focused on answering your questions during the Q&A. There was no reason for me to wonder if the final mix we were listening to in that room together was different than what you were listening to!!!!!"

"Like I always say, I am involved with every record I make, from the inception to the completion of the song," she defended herself. "Every nuance of the beat or vocal matters to me. Even if the differences may seem slight to you, I had put time, effort and emotions into 'The Art of Letting Go' and the real mix is how I intended for you to hear the song."

Carey decided to leave "the old version" and post the "real mix" so fans could listen to the two versions "back-to-back" and feel the difference. "I want you to hear it like you're hearing it for the first time with me, and I will answer any questions that you have, pertaining to the song," she told her fans.

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