Taylor Swift Joins Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Katie Holmes in 'The Giver'

Taylor Swift

The '22' singer is the latest addition to the upcoming adaptation of a dystopian children's book by Lois Lowry.
Taylor Swift has landed her next big-screen gig. After lending her voice to box office hit animation "The Lorax" last year, she has now signed a deal to star in "The Giver" joining the likes of Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Jeff Bridges.

The film is adapted from a dystopian children's novel of the same title by Lois Lowry. Set in a colorless society where there is no sickness, conflict and racism, the story follows a young boy who is about to learn the disturbing truth behind the seemingly ideal community he's living in.

The boy, Jonas, is among a few very selected for life service as the Receiver of Memory. It allows him to experience what happy and pain are, something that were taken away from the common members of the society to keep the "sameness" going and the people immaculately organized.

To prepare him for such a big responsibility as the keeper of all ancient memories, he is trained under the guidance of the present Receiver, who later identifies himself as The Giver. The boy is played by "Maleficent" star Brenton Thwaites, and The Giver role goes to Bridges.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Swift is tapped to take on the role of Rosemary, the last pupil The Giver mentored before he took Jonas under his wing. In the book, she failed in her training and asked to be "released" after being too overwhelmed with the memories of pain.

Streep, who plays the evil witch in "Into the Woods", is once again given an antagonistic role as the Chief Elder, an authoritative figure who assigns the young their tasks. Holmes, meanwhile, is cast as the mother of the young boy. She's described as a strict obeyer of the laws.

"True Blood" hunk Alexander Skarsgard will be the father. Other cast are "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" star Odeya Rush and "Shameless" actor Cameron Monaghan. Bridges serves as one of the producers, and Scooter Braun will executive produce with Alison Owen.

Phillip Noyce ("Salt") is on board to direct the upcoming movie for the Weinstein Company and Walden Media, with Michael Mitnick writing the script. Production is expected to kick off this October in Cape Town, South Africa to meet August 15, 2014 release date.

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