Eminem's 'Berzerk' to Be Featured Weekly on ABC's 'Saturday Night Football'


The Slim Shady also teams up with ESPN to tease a music video for his new single this weekend before releasing it in full on Monday.
Eminem's "Berzerk" is going to be heard often during this season's "ESPN Saturday Night Football on ABC". The first single from the Missouri-born rapper's upcoming new album "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" is chosen as the sound of the 2013 edition of the sports program.

Thus, the song will be used as the open for the weekly college football presentation and throughout the telecast in various capacities, including highlight packages and coming in from, and out of, commercial breaks.

Eminem will also make use of "Saturday Night Football" to tease fans about the upcoming premiere of "Berzerk" music video. A preview of the clip will air during the Saturday, September 7 outing of the show, at halftime of the Notre Dame-Michigan game which kicks off at 8 P.M. ET.

The full version of the video will debut later on Monday on Vevo. He additionally will collaborate with ESPN on a video of the song for exclusive use on the "Saturday Night Football" broadcast.

The professional American football league, NFL, meanwhile, just kicked off its new season on Thursday night with a game between the Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos, which got delayed due to a lightning storm near Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Ryan Seacrest, who is going to host NBC's "The Million Second Quiz" this fall, appeared on the field in Denver as part of the network's coverage.

The audience was apparently not glad to see him as they booed the "American Idol" host. Seacrest, however, seemed to be unfazed by it as he continued introducing the game by saying, "I only know of one other countdown that might be as big as this one. America is ready for 17 weeks of excitement, followed by the drama of the playoffs, all culminating in New York at the Super Bowl!" He managed to pump up the crowd's spirit with his little speech as the spectators cheered for the game.

Ryan Seacrest got booed at NFL kick-off game:

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