Gov. Chris Christie Makes Cameo on Michael J. Fox's Show, James Franco Helps 'Mindy Project'

Gov. Chris Christie Makes Cameo on Michael J. Fox's Show, James Franco Helps 'Mindy Project'

The New Jersey governor is 'happy' to make a brief appearance on the new NBC comedy, while the 'Spring Breakers' actor will guest star as a popular doctor on the FOX sitcom.
Gov. Chris Christie is set for his debut on scripted TV series. The New Jersey governor is booked to appear as himself on new comedy "The Michael J. Fox Show", which premieres Thursday, September 26 on NBC.

Christie filmed his cameo last Monday, July 15 in New York. "I had a really good time with Michael J. Fox," he said of the actor during an event in South River on Tuesday. "I've been a longtime fan...both as an actor and in his efforts to fight Parkinson's disease."

Despite enjoying his time on the set, Christie made sure that he wouldn't stray away from his political career at this moment. "They asked me to be on his new show and I said yes. It's a very brief appearance. You're not going to have to worry about me leaving New Jersey to go and begin my acting career - I'll put it that way," he stated and jokingly added, "No chance of me getting my Screen Actors Guild card anytime soon."

"The Michael J. Fox Show" isn't the only sitcom which has just snagged a notable figure for a guest appearance for "The Mindy Project" has tapped James Franco to guest star in the first two episodes of the second season, which debuts Tuesday, September 17. The "Oz: The Great and Powerful" actor will portray Dr. Paul Leotard, a charismatic and popular doctor who replaces Mindy Kaling's Mindy while she is in Haiti on a volunteer mission with her pastor boyfriend.

His background is further revealed in a press release which reads, "A former professional fashion model, Dr. Leotard radically altered his career goals after he accidentally walked off a runway at fashion week and was saved by a pregnant woman. From that day forward, he devoted himself to helping pregnant women and immediately applied to medical school."

Franco and Kaling have previously worked together for this summer comedy movie "This Is the End".

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