John Travolta Inspires Kings of Leon's 'Mechanical Bull'

John Travolta Inspires Kings of Leon's 'Mechanical Bull'

The rock band's drummer, Nathan Followill, reveals that he, Caleb, Jared and Matthew watch a lot of 'Urban Cowboy', a 1980s film starring the actor, during the making of the album.
Kings of Leon shared more details on their new album, "Mechanical Bull". In an interview with MTV News, drummer Nathan Followill revealed that the album's tittle is a tribute to actor John Travolta. "We were so early in on the process of it, we had narrowed it down to three names, and 'Mechanical Bull' won out," Nathan said.

Referring to Travolta's 1980 film, Nathan continued, "I know we watched a lot of 'Urban Cowboy' during the making of this record, so that definitely probably had something to do with it." Of why the album ended up with the name "Mechanical Bull", Nathan said with a laugh, "You're going to have to ask Caleb [lead singer Caleb Followill] about that one."

Nathan spoke up more about the album that will be released on September 28, saying, "We challenged ourselves quite a bit; I think it was very hard for Jared to have to dumb down his bass playing on some of these songs, but it fits the songs ... there are some songs where I don't even hit a cymbal. You've just got to do what's best for the song, and luckily everyone was down with that."

Responding to fans' reaction to the band's two new singles, "It Don't Matter" and "Super Soaker", Nathan said, "And I think we chose these two to play live because they really represent the record, the direction it goes in. 'It Don't Matter' is dirty and gritty, a little two-and-a-half minute pounder, everybody play has hard as they can, as fast as they can. 'Supersoaker' is a lot more melodic and a little more sing-along-y, if that's even a word. Obviously there are some slower ones on the record, because we wanted to make it as full of a record as we could. But we're ready for release date to get here so we can start playing some more of them."

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