Friends Congratulate Steve Harvey for Getting a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Steve Harvey

The 'Steve Harvey Show' star is surrounded by fellow celebrities and friends, including Ellen DeGeneres, as he receives his star on the famous street.
Comedian and radio host Steve Harvey got a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in radio section. The unveiling ceremony of the 2,497th star was held on Monday, May 13 in front of the W hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Harvey's famous friends Ellen DeGeneres, Phil McGraw and Samuel L. Jackson joined him during the happy moment.

Harvey explained that the honor he received was because of continuous hard work and it had nothing to do with luck. "People call it luck, but what luck actually is - luck is when hard work runs up into opportunity and people describe it as luck," Harvey said as quoted by E! News.

"I do work very hard, I kid you not - but I'm also a recipient of a lot of grace and mercy. God has given me much favor to be here. But the rest of it is hard work and that combination. It's such a reward that has paid off. It's so rewarding," he explained. He also thanked his children and wife for making sacrifices for him so that he could make them proud. "The Lord saved my soul, Marjory saved my life," he said of his wife.

Friends took the podium to say some words about the multi-talented comedian. DeGeneres jokingly said that she was thinking of backing out because she would not get paid for coming to the ceremony. "When they asked me to come and do this today, I didn't have to think - I said yes right away, then I realized that I wasn't getting paid and I tried to back out, but I couldn't, it was too late. So I'm here," DeGeneres spoke in front of the audience.

She continued her amusing speech, "Today I am here and this is not going to be a bunch of jokes about your mustache, and I'm not gonna be here long because it's like 108 degrees and the last thing I want is for your mustache to get frizzy." DeGeneres added, "I read your book, it did not help me get a man, but I liked it. I thought it was good."

Jackson took a picture of Harvey posing with DeGeneres and McGraw on his star and shared it on Twitter. "Steve's Day!!!!! Congrats My Brutha!" he wrote.

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