Kim Kardashian Wants Divorce Immediately for Her Baby's Sake

Kim Kardashian

The pregnant daughter of the Kardashian family says, 'I do not want to be married to (Humphries) when I have my baby.'
The court documents in which pregnant Kim Kardashian asks judge for a speedy trial have been revealed. The expectant mom wants her divorce proceedings against Kris Humphries to be settled as soon as possible or at least their marriage to be officially dissolved immediately while other issues, including financial settlement, are still worked on.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star who is carrying Kanye West's baby reveals in her filing that her due day is in early July. "I am currently pregnant by a man with whom I began a relationship well after I separated from (Humphries)," the expectant reality TV star says. "I do not want to be married to (Humphries) when I have my baby."

"Immediately upon it becoming known to the public that I was pregnant...I began to see articles in the media with quotes attributed to [Humphries] stating that now that I am pregnant he has 'got all the power,' 'that he is in control of my misery' and that he is not going 'to allow' me to be divorced by the time I have my baby," she continues.

"I am requesting the status of my marriage be determined now for not only my health and welfare but also for the health and well-being of my unborn child," she adds. "I firmly believe that an immediate dissolution of our marriage will help create a new, full life for me. One chapter will be officially over, and a new one can begin. The same should hold true for [Humphries]."

Kris has responded to Kim's motion, accusing his estranged wife of trying to gain unfair advantage by using her "unplanned pregnancy" to speed things up. She wants to set a divorce trial for March, but he opposes it. He says he would be unable to attend the proceedings then because of his NBA basketball schedule and would not be available until May or June.

Kris' lawyer Marshall Waller previously said they're not ready for trial because "everybody is most definitely NOT cooperative." They tried to get raw footage from the E! reality series as explaining, "We are probably going to have to obtain court orders and go through that process to get access to all of this information, and until that happens we are NOT ready to go to trial."

Kim's lawyer Laura Wasser fired back, insisting Kim made herself available for deposition numerous times, but the NBA star's team didn't depose her until May 20 arguing he had the right to be present but would not be able to attend at least that date, due to his schedule.

The proceedings take so long to settle because both parties have disagreement on how to end their union. While she wants a divorce, he's seeking annulment. Both parties, however, have no problem in determining that "their date of separation is Oct. 31, 2011."

"The six-month waiting period has long since elapsed...Respondent has had more than adequate opportunity to prepare his 'fraud' claim for trial. Indeed, there is nothing to prepare since there is not a shred of evidence to support the alleged fraud," Wasser claimed.

A trial-setting conference is scheduled for February 15.

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