'The Amazing Race 21' Finale: The Underdog Team Wins $1 Million

'The Amazing Race 21' Finale: The Underdog Team Wins $1 Million

Lexi and Trey, James and Jaymes, as well as Josh and Brent are the three teams racing to the finish line after twins Natalie and Nadiya were eliminated in the previous leg.
"The Amazing Race" has unveiled the winner of its 21st installment. The season finale aired Sunday, December 9 kicked off with four teams, Lexi & Trey, James & Jaymes, Josh & Brent and Natalie & Nadiya jetting off from Mallorca, Spain to Loire Valley, France.

Twin sisters Natalie & Nadiya had to complete Speed Bump first for finishing last in the previous leg, while the other three teams had to pick up eight empty crates and load them into the Fird Escape before heading over to Leonardo Da Vinci's final resting place, Chateau d'Amboise. The three teams were working together and quickly finished the challenge.

They later faced Detour which was an option between making a meal for dogs (Chow) or using a horse and plow to till a field (Plow). Jaymes & James did Plow, while Trey & Lexi and Josh & Brent went with Chow. The twins later also decided to do Plow, while Trey & Lexi changed their mind and did Plow.

Trey & Lexi made the right decision as they completed the task before any other teams and were headed to La Cave des Roches where they met Roadblock. The task was to find ten varieties of mushrooms in the unique farm and load them in the crates they picked up earlier.

Trey & Lexi once again finished it before Jaymes & James, but the Chippendales arrived at the pit stop at Chateau de Chenonceau first. Trey & Lexi checked in second, followed by Josh & Brent. Natalie & Nadiya got lost and arrived the last, so they were eliminated in this leg.

The remaining three teams continued their journey by flying to New York City in the final leg. The first clue led them to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where they had to perform Houdini-style escape, in which they were put in a straitjacket while suspended 15 stories high, for the Roadblock task.

Trey completed the task first and Brent finished the Roadblock next, followed by Jaymes. They later went to the first pizzeria in the U.S., Lombardi's, where they were told to deliver ten pizzas to three different places.

Trey and Lexi once again completed the challenge first, while Josh & Brent delivered the wrong orders so they had to redo it. Still, the Beekmans managed to finish it before the Chippendales did.

The next destination was the United Nations headquarters where another Roadblock was awaiting. They had to match the flags of nine countries they visited and figure out how to say "hello" and "goodbye" in each country.

Lexi started working on it first, but later had a breakdown and gave a chance to Josh to catch up. Josh finished it first, followed by James, while Lexi was still struggling to handle her emotion.

The Beekmans and the Chippendales were racing to the finish line at Gotham Hall, and the goat farmers arrived first. They won the $1 million grand prize, with Jaymes & James finishing as the runner-up. Trey and Lexi arrived in the third place.

"We never, ever thought we would hear you say those words to us," Brent said after host Phil Keoghan declared them the winners. Josh added, "We were underdogs, and what I hope this proves to people - whether they're a minority or they're out of work or they're losing their house or whatever - if they just keep going and keep working as hard as they can, people will help, and at some point you will win."

Josh & Brent, in fact, never won any leg before. On what this win meant for them, Josh shared, "This race has really brought us back together again. I had to work in the city, and he's on the farm. So winning this race actually will bring us physically together again...for the next 50 years."

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