Sarah Brightman Is Going to Travel to Outer Space

Sarah Brightman

Planning to be the first musician to sing from space, Sarah Brightman is now waiting for her turn to board a spaceship in either 2014 or 2015.
Sarah Brightman unveiled to the press on Wednesday, October 10 that she had registered and paid for her first space trip either in 2014 or 2015. She is expected to be one of three-person crew to ride Russian Soyuz rocket and to stay for 10 days at the International Space Station, which means that she will orbit the earth 16 times daily.

Sarah has passed medical and endurance tests at a training facility for cosmonauts outside Moscow. The famous soprano singer said that her stage experience had helped her prepare the very severe training for the mission. The tests include simulating eight times the force of gravity. "It's like an elephant sitting on your chest," she joked.

In an interview with ABC News after the announcement, she said, "I've wanted to go to space, really, since I was a little girl." She called the space race she watched back in 1960s was inspiring. In addition, she enjoyed gazing at the stars before performing.

There is perhaps a possibility that the singer will perform from the space station. "We're in the planning for that," she said. She then opened up her excitement, "I feel very prepared. I feel ready to go."

The UNESCO Artist for Peace Ambassador said, "I hope that I can encourage others to take inspiration from my journey both to chase down their own dreams and to help fulfill the important UNESCO mandate to promote peace and sustainable development on Earth and from space." Then, she continued, "I am determined that this journey can reach out to be a force for good, a catalyst for some of the dreams and aims of others that resonate with me."

The "Time to Say Goodbye" singer will be the eighth space tourist. She was rumored to pay more than $50 million for the adventure. The founder of Wilshire Associates Dennis Tito was the first to take the honor in 2011 by reportedly paying $20 million. The last traveling was in 2009, which was done by the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte. The trip was said to cost approximately $40 million.

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