Tom Cruise's Wife Candidates Auditioned by Scientology

Tom Cruise

A former girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi claims she was kicked out of Cruise's house after displeasing him and Scientology chief David Miscavige.
The process of finding Tom Cruise a girlfriend by Scientology church was revealed in Vanity Fair's October cover story. According to special correspondent Maureen Orth, Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology head David Miscavige, led a secret audition to find a suitable woman to be the actor's wife after he split from Nicole Kidman.

Actresses who were Scientology members were called for the audition process held under the guise of "a new training film." Iranian-born actress Nazanin Boniadi passed the first stage of the audition and had a month-long preparation including undergoing a makeover and signing a confidential agreement before being sent to go on a date with Cruise.

Boniadi was sent to New York to meet Cruise in November 2004 and quickly suspected that the "very important mission" she was assigned to was actually an arranged romance. She signed a second confidential letter before finally dating him. During their relationship, she got audited and spent two to three hours purging herself of "negative thoughts about Tom."

Their relationship went well until the second month when Cruise started to have a series of complaints about her. She was allegedly accused of implying that Cruise was her junior when praising him with a "very well done" for his Freedom Medal of Valor. She was also reportedly criticized for her repetitive responses of "Excuse me?" when talking to the Miscaviges in Telluride.

Boniadi, who had moved in to Cruise's home and shared his bedroom, was asked by his people to move out of his house by the third week in January. The London-raised brunette was told that he was not to be disturbed when asking why he didn't tell her himself. She said she felt in love with him and cried every day in her new place at a Scientology center in Florida.

She confided to a friend at the center that she just broke up with Cruise, but the so-called friend reported her to the church. She was forced to scrub toilets with a toothbrush, clean bathroom tiles with acid, and dig ditches in the middle of the night as punishments for telling the secret to others. She was also told to sell Dianetics on street corners.

A representative for the church denied the allegations. "Mr. Miscavige doesn't remember any girlfriend of anyone, in his entire life, insulting him," the rep said in reference to Boniadi's accusation that she displeased the chief with her "Excuse me?" replies. Another spokesperson additionally said, "The Church does not punish people, especially in [that] manner."

Boniadi, along with her mother, is now no longer a Scientologist.

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