Katherine Duped Into Arizona Trip, Reinstated as Guardian of Michael Jackson's Kids

Katherine Jackson

When she enters a plea to share guardianship of her grandchildren with TJ, Katherine Jackson admits to the court she was tricked into believing that Paris, Prince and Blanket were fine.
Katherine Jackson opened up about her trip to Arizona that ended with her being stripped off her role as the guardian of Michael Jackson's kids. In a court document filed to share joint guardianship of the children with her 34-year-old grandson TJ, she revealed how she was tricked into getting into a flight and what really happened during her so-called much-needed rest.

The Jackson matriarch claimed she found herself at an Arizona resort and spa after she was ordered by an unnamed doctor to take a rest and hop a plane. She admitted that during her stay there she didn't have a proper contact with the outside world because her iPad was taken away, a telephone in her room was not working and she couldn't watch TV because it had no picture.

Katherine who stayed in Arizona for 10 days was told that the kids were fine. "At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me," she said without mentioning who the persons were. She also didn't know that she was reported missing until one day she heard about it herself on TV which worked after she repeatedly asked for it to be fixed.

"She was never informed that the Minor children and T.J. were trying to reach her," it was explained in the petition. "Had she known that fact, and if she had been provided with the means to contact TJ and the Minor children, Mrs. Jackson would never have been gone for such a long period of time without communicating with them."

She was reinstated the guardianship of Paris, Prince and Blanket by Judge on Thursday, August 2 after the court reviewed that she did "a wonderful job" in raising the children during the past three years. "It's clear to me that the children are well cared for by Mrs. Jackson. It is clear to me they love her very much," said Judge Mitchell Beckloff.

Judge Mitchell, who previously placed the kids under the care of TJ temporarily following Katherine's absence, ruled she would temporarily share the joint guardianship with the son of Tito Jackson. In a court investigation, the children were believed to have a "substantial, significant" relationship with their cousin.

In MJ's will, it was Diana Ross who was named as a potential guardian for his three children if his mother couldn't serve. A lawyer for the kids, however, claimed they had talked about the matter with the singer when she visited them on Wednesday, August 1 and she had no objection to the shared guardianship arrangement.

A further hearing is set for August 22 to determine whether or not to make the joint guardianship permanent.

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