Madonna Promises to Finish Her London Show Before Curfew


After Bruce Springsteen's performance with Paul McCartney was cut short last Saturday due to exceeding the curfew, Madonna has been advised to close her Hyde Park concert before the time limit.
Madonna is scheduled for a show in Hyde Park, the same venue where Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney were silenced on the stage for exceeding the noise curfew. Madge, however, makes sure such thing won't happen during her gig.

John Probyn, COO of live event promoter Live Nation Entertainment's Live Nation Music U.K. unit, says as quoted in the London Evening Standard, "It won't happen again. We've had lengthy conversations with Madonna's people," adding that the pop diva will wrap her show before the curfew. "We've worked out with them what time she needs to go on stage to finish on time. That's all in hand," he continues.

Still, there won't be exception should Madge and her entourage exceed the 10:30 PM curfew. They will have no choice but to end the show, regardless of who is performing. "We are effectively breaking the law if we carry on," he says. "She will finish on time," he repeats.

The Westminster council has said that they received one noise complaint on Saturday, July 14 and another on Sunday caused by the Springsteen-McCartney performance. London's mayor Boris Johnson said on Monday that he would have let the men go on "if they'd have called me, my answer would have been for them to jam in the name of the Lord!"

The queen of pop just finished a controversial show in Paris where she performed on Saturday, July 14. The singer projected a photo of Front National party leader Marine Le Pen despite being threatened with a lawsuit when she showed the same image in a previous show in Tel Aviv.

She is due to perform at Hyde Park on Tuesday, July 17 as part of her "MDNA" tour.

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