Randy Jackson Visits Michael Jackson's Tomb, Fans Pay Tribute With 10,000 Roses

Randy Jackson Visits Michael Jackson's Tomb, Fans Pay Tribute With 10,000 Roses

Randy gets emotional when coming to his late brother's final resting place at Forest Lawn cemetery, while MJ's devotees decorate his tomb with his favorite roses.
Family and fans of Michael Jackson got together to remember the late King of Pop on June 25, the day he died at the age of 50 three years ago. Some went to visit his tomb at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, while others took to Twitter to pay homage to the music icon.

Randy Jackson was one of those coming to MJ's final resting place on the third anniversary of his death. He's caught on camera dabbing his eyes with tissues during the emotional visit. Before leaving, he took time to pose with his brother's devotees including a King of Pop impersonator.

Though the loyal fans were not allowed to come inside the cemetery because the ground was strictly forbidden for public, it didn't lessen their spirits to pay homage to their idol. According to TMZ, a group of fans have banded together to raise money for the anniversary day.

They reportedly collected $30,000 and used the money to buy over 10,000 roses, MJ's favorite. The flowers were laid at Forest Lawn Memorial Park among sunflowers, teddy bears and other offerings in honor of their idols. Some of the roses will later be donated and others will be recycled.

On Twitter, Randy wrote, "3 years ago on this June 25th, my brother passed. I will be at FL from 11am-1pm today to visit him." La Toya Jackson posted, "SadMorning All. This Day was the day that lead to the demise of my little brother. 'Michael We Love' May you RIP. Gone FAR To Soon."

MJ's daughter Paris Jackson tweeted, "RIP Michael Jackson. Dad you will forever be in my heart. I love you." The teen also re-tweeted a supportive message sent to her by a fan, "The ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them in here *heart*."

In addition to the family members, other stars like Paula Abdul and Justin Bieber paid homage to the "Thriller" hitmaker. "Michael Jackson is the epitome of a legend -- a true icon that can only, at best, be emulated," Paula wrote, while Justin stated, "You will never be forgotten."

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