'The Amazing Race' Recap: Girls' Fight and Secret Revelation in Africa

'The Amazing Race' Recap: Girls' Fight and Secret Revelation in Africa

Rachel R. and Vanessa are mocking each other's physical appearance, while Art and JJ confront Nary and Jamie about their real jobs in this seventh leg.
After going off air last week, "The Amazing Race" returned Sunday, April 8 with the remaining six teams heading to Africa. From Azerbaijan, they must fly to Tanzania with Rachel and Dave, who won the last leg, departing first.

Some dramas occurred in this leg with Rachel R. and Vanessa slamming each other's physical appearance. Rachel R. said that Vanessa is like a 38-year-old woman, but the latter shot back as saying, "Yes, I'm 38 and somehow I still look younger than you." Rachel R. felt humiliated and started crying.

Meanwhile, another confrontation happened after Art and JJ learnt that Nary and Jamie were hiding the fact that they are federal agents instead of kindergarten teachers. "She's a cop," so the men insisted.

As soon as they landed, all teams headed to the Arusha Airstrip to take another flight to Ngorongoro. Art & JJ were on the first plane with Rachel R. & Brendon. Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave were on the next plane, while Vanessa & Ralph and Nary & Jamie were on the last plane.

Once they arrived, team must take a safari truck and head to Ngorongoro Carter, where they faced Detour. The choice was between Marksmaship, where thay had to learn how to use a traditional Maasai weapon and hit targets, and Courtship, where teams had to perform the traditional Maasai wedding dance which involves jumping for one minute.

Brendon & Rachel R., who chose to dance, finished the Detour first, followed by Art & JJ who opted for the other challenge. After finishing the Detour, they must ride bike to go back to their Safari trucks and then head to Simba Campsite.

Taking advantages of the other teams' mistakes, Rachel & Dave arrived first at the campsite despite the fact that Rachel had problem using the bike which she thought too tall for her. There, they must build a tent to sleep in for the night. Once the tent completed, they headed to the pit stop.

Rachel & Dave finished constructing their tent first and became the first team to check in at the pit stop. It was their fourth win and they won a trip for two to Costa Rica. Bopper & Mark were team number two, followed by Art and JJ, Rachel R. and Brendon, as well as Ralph and Vanessa.

Nary and Jamie were the last team to arrive at the pit stop, but they were lucky since it was a non-elimination leg. They will still be able to continue the race, but have to do a Speed Bump in the next leg.

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