'The Amazing Race' Recap: Kerri and Stacy Heading Home After Getting Lost

'The Amazing Race' Recap: Kerri and Stacy Heading Home After Getting Lost

Mark and Bopper are able to arrive at the pit stop before the cousins despite having to complete a Speed Bump, while Art and JJ once again win in this leg.
"The Amazing Race" contestants continued their journey in Europe, kicking it off in Italy in the Sunday, March 18 episode. From Turin, they had to take a train to Austria and headed to the Gasthof Zum Rassen restaurant in Bavaria.

In Bavaria, they faced a Detour which was a choice between Fairy Tale and Champion Male. In Fairy Tale, teams must follow a trail of gingerbread to a village and use the pieces they found along the way to complete a gingerbread house. In Champion Male, teams had to style a man's beard to match a champion from the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

After being the last team to arrive at the pit stop in the previous leg, Bopper and Mark had to complete a Speed Bump before doing the Detour. They had to yodel which wasn't an easy task, but they seemed to be enjoying it. Once they completed it, they chose the gingerbread challenge, trailing behind Kerri and Stacy.

Art and JJ, who opted for the beard challenge, finished the Detour first and headed to the Neuschwanstein Castle. There, they must find a clue that led them to an ice rink for Roadblock. In Roadblock, one team member must slide a Roaming Gnome across the ice and hit a bullseye in order to get the next clue.

After a few tries, Art and JJ completed the Roadblock before other teams arrived. They later drove themselves to the pit stop at Landhannes Farm. The border patrol agents arrived first at the pit stop and won a trip to Thailand. It was their third win in a row.

Back at Roadblock, Joey and Danny have completed the challenge and became the second team to arrive at the pit stop, followed by Vanessa and Ralph. Rachel and Dave were team number four, while Brendon and Rachel were team number five.

Kerri and Stacy trailed behind Bopper and Mark in heading to the pit stop, while Nary and Jamie were the last team to complete the Roadblock. However, Kerri and Stacy got lost on their way to the pit stop, giving a chance for Nary and Jamie to pass them.

Bopper and Mark were the sixth team to arrive, while Kerri and Stacy were team number seven. That meant Kerri and Stacy were the last team to arrive and got eliminated. Though disappointed, they were proud that they have set a good example for their children.

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