'Amazing Race' Recap: Frontrunners Lost in Race for the Finale

'Amazing Race' Recap: Frontrunners Lost in Race for the Finale

Leading the 11th leg since the beginning, Andy and Tommy get eliminated after failing to figure out the right pit stop in the first guess.
Andy and Tommy made a big mistake when they were only a step away from getting into the finale of "The Amazing Race" season 19. Having won several legs and leading since the beginning of the 11th leg, the frontrunner team wrongly guessed the pit stop which blew away their chance to secure a spot in the last leg.

Early in the November 11 episode of the adventure show, the remaining four teams were dressed as characters from comic strip and had to guess who they were. The characters were related to a picture they had been given. While three teams quickly learned that they were dressed as the detectives in Tin Tin comic books, Andy and Tommy believed for quite a long time that they were dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

Jeremy and Sandy were the first who solved this puzzle and got the clue which told them to travel by train to Amsterdam and then fly across the Atlantic to Panama City, Panama. They, however, were on board the same plane with the other teams to Panama City.

Andy and Tommy took over the first place again once they got into a small boat to head to Parara Peru. Jeremy and Sandy, meanwhile, were stuck in a sand bar. Once arriving at their destination, they must sign up to get a tattoo with 20-minute interval between the teams.

The next morning at 7 A.M., Andy and Tommy got their tattoos which also served as a clue to the San Francisco Bay towers in Panama City, where they faced the Roadblock. The challenge was to cross a tightrope between the San Francisco Bay Towers on 35 stories high. Despite being afraid of heights, Sandy had to do the challenge because Jeremy had already done 2 more Roadblocks than she had.

Andy completed the task first, so he and Tommy continued on with Detour. This time, the choice was between Filet and Sole. In Filet, teams traveled to a nearby fish market where they had to deliver fish to different marked stalls throughout the market. As in Sole, they had to create one pair of sandals out of one piece of leather.

Most teams were up for Sole except Marcus and Amani who opted to do the Filet. Andy and Tommy finished making the sandals first and headed to Cathedral Square which would provide a clue to the pit stop. The clue was hidden as a word on a dancer's dress and as a symbol on the dancers' necklaces.

Andy and Tommy saw the word "Balboa" and headed to a boat called Balboa. Once there, they thought they must go to a Balboa statue, but later found out that it's not the pit stop. Ernie and Cindy as well as Marcus and Amani also thought Balboa as their next direction, but Jeremy and Sandy figured out the right pit stop, which was Panama Viejo, first.

Their taxi driver, however, informed the other drivers about the right place and they were heading to the same direction. Andy and Tommy, meanwhile, had to go back to the Cathedral before learning the right pit stop.

Jeremy and Sandy eventually arrived first and won a trip for two to Turks and Caicos. Ernie and Cindy were team number two, followed by Marcus and Amani. Andy and Tommy were the last team to arrive and got eliminated.

Host Phil Keoghan admitted he was surprised with the result since he thought Andy and Tommy would be in the finale. The pro snowboarders thought the same, but did not seem to be upset though losing a chance to win $1 million.

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