LeRoy Bell on His 'X Factor' Lip Syncing: 'It's Like a Spoof'

LeRoy Bell on His 'X Factor' Lip Syncing: 'It's Like a Spoof'

Bell's fellow 'The X Factor (US)' contestants have been teasing him on the foible with one Stereo Hogzz member joking, 'That's the best part of the competition for us.'
LeRoy Bell has found a funny side from his lip syncing foible on "The X Factor (US)". Speaking a few days after the incident was caught on camera, the 60-year-old singer revealed he can laugh at it and said, "When I saw it, I just fell out laughing, I was like, 'What the heck?' It's like a spoof or something."

Bell has since been teased by his fellow contestants about the foible. The Stereo Hogzz's member, Leeland Stephenson aka Trace Kennedey, joked, "That's the best part of the competition for us. Of any video before I go to sleep every night, I at least watch it ten times and I just think, 'Hm, that's why you don't put people on there that's 60 years old.' "

"He's a good sport about it," added the singer whose group was in the bottom two last week. "He's smiling. We joke about it... We were kind of down about being in the bottom two, but then you go home and see LeRoy's mistake and it's all good."

Astro, meanwhile, admitted, "I don't tease him, but I watch it on YouTube all the time and laugh." He added, "I have no reason to laugh, because I messed up my line. It was a fun night, I think it was a great performance overall. People make mistakes. Jay-Z and Kanye [West] made a huge mistake at the very first 'Watch the Throne' show and that's big. So, we all make mistakes."

Explaining to fans who might be left upset with the prerecorded performance, Bell said, "The whole thing is people don't know that we prerecord those performances and it's only for that ensemble thing where we have the whole cast, because we have so much stuff to learn every week."

The soul musician further elaborated, "We have to have a 'save me' song and we have another song. So, we don't want to waste time doing the ensemble song. So, we prerecord it and that's that." He went on admitting, "But, I was having one of those moments - I wasn't paying attention. It's kind of funny, though."

Bell was caught on air lip syncing during an opening ensemble performance of "X Factor" on Thursday, November 3's result show. The show later admitted that the group number was prerecorded.

"For the group ensemble performance, the vocals are prerecorded to allow acts to concentrate on preparing for their own live competitive performances on Wednesdays," a representative for the singing competition show explained in a statement. "This is also no different to what other competition shows do for ensemble performances."

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