'Dolphin Tale' Locks the Top Spot of Box Office

Grossing $13.9 million in its second week, the Charles Martin Smith-directed family movie takes over the number one place from last week's chart-topper 'The Lion King'.

AceShowbiz - "Dolphin Tale" takes over the number one spot in its second week on the North American box office. The film grossed $13.9 million, falling only 27|percent| from last week. The movie, which the production cost $37 million, has earned a total of $37.5 million after ten days playing in cinemas.

Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bors. Pictures vice president of domestic distribution said of the movie, "It's resonating with audience everywhere in North America, from big cites to small towns." Goldstein did not exaggerate in his comment as the Charles Martin Smith-directed family pic received an "A+" CinemaScore.

%cBrad Pitt%'s baseball drama "Moneyball" stays on the second place this week. Dropping 37|percent| from last week, the drama earned $12 million for a domestic cume of $38.5 million. Meanwhile, "The Lion King" 3D re-release falls to number three after ruling the chart for two weeks. The animated movie added $10.6 million for a total of $79.7 million.

%cJoseph Gordon-Levitt%'s friendship drama "50/50" lands on *the fourth spot in its debut week. The Jonathan Levine-directed movie raked in $8.6 million, which is below expectation. "While it's true that we came in a little less than expected, I think we will end up in a good place," Richie Fay, Summit Entertainment president of distribution said.

*Rounding up the top five is another new release, "Courageous", with $9 million. Appealing to 53|percent| of female audience, the film received an "A+" CinemaScore.

Meanwhile, two other newcomers couldn't make it to the top five. %cDaniel Craig%'s thriller "Dream House" is placed on number six with $8.1 milion, while %cChris Evans%'s comedy "What's Your Number?" lands on the eighth spot with $5.4 million.

Top Ten Movies at Box Office for September 30 - October 2:

  1. "Dolphin Tale" - $13.9 million
  2. "Moneyball" - $12 million
  3. "The Lion King" - $10.6 million
  4. *"Courageous" - $9 million
  5. *"50/50" - $8.6 million
  6. "Dream House" - $8.1 million
  7. "Abduction" - $5.6 million
  8. "What's Your Number?" - $5.4 million
  9. *"Killer Elite" - $4.9 million
  10. *"Contagion" - $4.9 million

*UPDATE (Oct. 4, 2011 - 00:41 AM GMT): When the final figures came out on Monday, October 3, it was revealed that "Courageous" secured the fourth place, forcing "50/50" to drop one position to the fifth place. Meanwhile, "Killer Elite" locked the ninth position, forcing "Contagion" to drop to the tenth position.

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