'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' Has Its Star's Favorite All Time Sex Scene

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Angela Sarafyan, along with cast mates such as Lake Bell and Lindsay Sloane, also talks about the funniest stars in the Jason Sudeikis-starring movie.
Being a R-rated movie, "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" promises to present what moviegoers expect in a raunchy comedy. To AceShowbiz, one of the stars, Angela Sarafyan, admitted that the film has her favorite all time movie sex scene.

"The one in 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' is my all time favorite movie sex scene, hands down," so said the 28-year-old actress. Her fellow cast members Lake Bell and Tyler Labine, meanwhile, voted for their co-star Will Forte's sex scene with Kristen Wiig in "MacGruber".

Labine once again mentioned Forte when asked about who makes him laugh the hardest among the cast of the upcoming movie. While Labine praised the "Saturday Night Live" alum, his "Orgy" co-star Michelle Broth credited him as "a freaking comedic genius". She gushed, "And he [Labine] wore a leopard thong, I mean come on!"

Directed by Alex Gregory and Pete Huyck, "Orgy" also stars the "Horrible Bosses" actor as Eric, a thirty-something party animal famous among his close circle of friends for his lavish summer theme parties at his father's swanky Hamptons pad.

When his dad announces plans to sell the beach house, Eric decides it's time for one last bash to go out with a proverbial bang - a good old-fashioned orgy. But Eric has problems convincing his reluctant friends to join in on the bacchanal, while the real estate agent is threatening to sell the house out from under him before the main event can even take place.

Leading to its limited release on September 2, "Orgy" launches a World Wide Web Tour. Beside sharing exclusive uncensored clips, interviews and photos, the tour is also giving away a prize pack which can be obtained by joining the contest in this link.

Below is the full Q&A with some of the cast: Michelle Broth (MB), Tyler Labine (TL), Lake Bell (LB), Angela Sarafyan (AS) and Lindsay Sloane (LS).

Q: Who makes you laugh the hardest in the cast? Why?

MB: Definitely Tyler Labine, the "bean", is a freaking comedic genius. And he wore a leopard thong, I mean come on!
TL: Oh that's a trick question. The answer is always Will Forte because he f***ing said so.
AS: I had most of my scenes with Martin [Starr] and he can make you laugh just by staring at you. He has the best expressions.

Q: What's your favorite all time movie sex scene?

MB: "Team America: World Police".
TL: Gotta be Will Forte and Kristen Wiig in "MacGruber". I laughed till I came in my pants. And as I sat there in my own filth, I thought, out loud, that's how it's done!!
LB: Will Forte [and] Kristen Wiig in "MacGruber".
AS: The one in "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" is my all time favorite movie sex scene, hands down.
LS: I think it would probably be Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez up against the stairs in "Unfaithful".

Q: First rated R movie you can remember seeing?

MB: I think it was "Porky's".
TL: I'm pretty sure it was "Colors". I was at my friend Hasani Brown's 8th Bday party, or some similarly ludicrous aged Bday party to be watching f***in' "Colors" at. His Mom put it on in the basement for about 10 super hyper, suburban children, shut out the lights and left the room. It was awesome.
AS: "The Last Tango in Paris" when I was about 10.
LS: "Stripes". It's still one of my all time favorites.

Q: How dirty do you talk in bed? Any phrases you care to share with us?

MB: Nope can't do it, don't mind hearing dirty talk, actually enjoy it...But I always feel so stupid every time I've tried to respond, so I stopped trying.
TL: I think my favorite dirty thing to say is "I think I s**t the bed" or "Baby, baby wake up, I s**t the bed."
LB: "Pass the soap"

Q: If we checked the Internet history on your computer, what's the most embarrassing site that would show up?

MB: Okay, well, sometimes when I'm bored I like to look up gross things on YouTube so you would probably find something along the line of zit popping in my history. But I'm not the only one! There are like thousands of views on these videos...I'm just trying to make it sound a little bit better :)
TL: Nothing, because I always clear history. I'm too savvy for your rookie attempts.
LB: fishermanresource.com/states/florida/Lake-Bell-Orlando.php
AS: My guilty pleasure is YouTube-ing stupid, funny videos of animals. Or the Charlie video - that's a classic.
LS: Well, the word Orgy has been typed on my computer more times than I would care to mention. If I get arrested for anything and they go through my google records it won't be pretty.

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