Nicolas Cage Bailed Out by Dog the Bounty Hunter, Surveillance Video Surfaces

Nicolas Cage

After posting the $11,000 bond for the actor, Dog releases a statement that read, 'I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show.'
Nicolas Cage has been bailed out of a jail. The "Drive Angry" actor was arrested on Saturday morning, April 16, in New Orleans on charges of domestic violence, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness, but released later that afternoon after Duane Chapman, a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter, posted his $11,000 bond.

In a statement to E! News, Duane said, "Media from around the world have been requesting interviews with me today after reports surfaced about my posting a bond for actor Nicolas Cage in New Orleans." He continued, "I am a truly dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client as I wish to respect his privacy."

"I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show. This is what I do for a living," the reality star added. "There are two sides of my job: I release my clients after they have been arrested; and pick them up if they don't show up in court. I do not believe the latter will be the case for Mr. Cage."

In a related news, TMZ has obtained the surveillance video that captures Nic and his wife Alice Kim arguing inside the tattoo shop. In the clip, the 47-year-old actor is seen walking with his arms around two friends and holding a clear plastic cup before entering the parlor. Once he was inside, his wife came in following and the two got engaged in a heated conversation.

In a statement of Nic's arrest, the New Orleans Police Department informed E! News, "Cage and his wife were standing in front of a residence that he insisted was the property the couple was renting. She disagreed, and Cage grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to what he believed was the correct address. There were no signs of injury on his wife's arm."

"The actor then began striking vehicles and later attempted to get into a taxi. At that point, an officer who had been flagged down by onlookers drove up on the couple, immediately observed that Cage was heavily intoxicated and ordered him out of the cab, which prompted Cage to start yelling. The officers subsequently took Cage to Central Lock-up."

Nic is scheduled to appear in court May 31 stemming from the incident. It was reported that his wife insisted she does not want to press charges and there was no physical contact.

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