Video Premiere: Josh Groban's 'Hidden Away'

Video Premiere: Josh Groban's 'Hidden Away'

All the anxiety and worries are all gone and replaced with smiles when friends, dads and boyfriends show up.
Josh Groban's "Hidden Away" music video has been debuted. It follows the Grammy-nominated singer as he leaves a message for his girlfriend during his way to a club where he is scheduled to perform. While he is sitting behind the piano, serenading people at the venue and waiting for her to come, some footage of random people waiting for their loved ones is flashed.

"It's not overly complicated, but follows the stories of a few different people who are just simply waiting for that wake up," Groban told PopEater of the music video. "So I think the video represents that feeling, people seeing themselves the way others see them."

"Hidden Away" is taken from Josh Groban's new album "Illuminations" which is due on November 15. "It's about people needing the kind of life shaken out of them," he said. "It's about people who are waiting for that release. It could be somebody coming home from work, a friend -- but the song itself is about people who need to be woken up inside."

Josh Groban's "Hidden Away" music video

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