Spoilery Facts of 'Chuck' Season 3 Exposed

Spoilery Facts of 'Chuck' Season 3 Exposed

In a recent conference call, producers Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz joined Zachary Levi to talk about the newly-discovered skills, Kristin Kreuk and the clothes Lester sleeps in.
Spoilery facts from the third season of "Chuck" were provided when Zachary Levi, Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz hosted a conference call which AceShowbiz participated last weekend. Some interesting ones include the fact that Kristin Kreuk's character would shake Buy More guys a little, more personal lives of the secondary characters will be exposed and someone else will learn Chuck's secret.

Regarding Kristin's role on the show, Josh said, "She plays Hannah and she's going to set multiple hearts affluter, not just Chuck's." Whether or not Hannah and Brandon Routh's character will come in between Sarah and Chuck, Josh commented, "They are obstacles for Chuck and Sarah but I think we didn't want to just bring in characters to merely be obstacles. I think you'll find that the way they interact in the spy story lines and certainly the case with Brandon's character is going to reveal complications and secrets throughout the season."

Reminding that Jeff got his big break in the second season, the producers said that Lester will get his turn of being on the spotlight. "He got to run Buy More for an episode," said Chris. Josh added, "Yeah, that didn't work out well." Lester for one thing will go bananas and be seen in his pajamas. "I promise this. We will see him. Lester's bedroom," confirmed Chris.

Zach mainly talked about the transformation of Chuck form the ordinary man who would prefer to run and scream like a little girl to a superspy that can kick ass. "Though Chuck now has these abilities, they're fleeting, they're in and out, they're glitchy," he exposed. "This new door that we walk through now just lends itself to both more action and more comedy, which I think is good all the way around, and it doesn't change the heart of the show. ...I can guarantee you I am no Jason Bourne."

Beside being able to play musical instruments, Chuck can also speak other languages like Thai. "...some dancing and some vehicle maneuvering or whatever the case may be," Zach added. For once, Chuck's double life will be discovered by another person beside Devon aka Captain Awesome. Beyond that, "Casey's harboring a secret of his own that he's kept quiet from the team and that's going to come into play this year as well"

Guest stars for the season include Vinnie Jones who possesses "Guy Ritchie villain energy", Armand Asante who fits to play a Castro-type dictator, Robert Patrick as a soldier from Casey's past, and Stone Cold Steve Austin who is a "terrifying" baddie Chuck trapped in a plane with.

"Chuck" premieres Sunday, January 10 at 9/8c. It will move to the very next night on Monday at 8/7c.

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