Exclusive: Clip From 'Gotta Catch Santa Claus' DVD

Determined to prove to all the skeptic around the world that Santa is a real deal, Trevor talks to Veronica and the twins on how to catch the Father Christmas himself.

AceShowbiz - AceShowbiz has an exclusive brand new clip of CGI animation "Gotta Catch Santa Claus". Being made available for viewing pleasure to promote the forthcoming DVD release, the snippet features a scene wherein Trevor and his twin friends review some of the traps they could use to catch Santa.

12-year-old Trevor is a true believer in the holiday spirit, but his best friend Veronica is not a Santa Claus' enthusiast. Skeptical about the existence of Father Christmas, Veronica challenges him to show the world actual proof that Santa is real, leading them and their friends on the adventure of a lifetime to catch Santa in action and reveal the true magic of Christmas.

But, trouble is destined to play a part in their mission. LeFreeze, a dim-witted monster who is carrying a serious 100-year-old grudge, and his snowman minions are determined to put Christmas on ice forever. Now, Trevor and his friends have to find and help Santa to stop the evil ice man and save Christmas.

The DVD version of "Gotta Catch Santa Claus" offers bonus materials that include deleted scenes, behind the scenes Santa footage, two sing-along songs and more. It will be available in a foil embossed O-card in stores across the U.S. this coming Tuesday, October 13 for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

Featuring six jolly jammin' new holiday songs, this animated feature will be broadcast nationally on ABC Family during their annual "25 Days of Christmas" programming block. William Shatner lends his voice to Santa Claus. The official trailer had been made available for viewing earlier.

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