'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra' Tops North American Box Office

'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra' Tops North American Box Office

Despite bad reviews, the live action adaptation of Hasbro's 'G.I. Joe' toy franchise takes command of the weekend box office and overshadows the solid opening of its competitor 'Julie and Julia'.
"G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" found success at North American box office. Though met with not-so-kind-criticism earlier this summer, the Stephen Sommers-directed action adventure has proven to be a box office hero as it landed atop the chart after its first three days screening, selling $54.7 million worth of ticket sales.

With the solid opening, the movie starring Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller and Dennis Quaid is placed among the best August openings in history for a non-sequel. Its impressive bow also marked Tatum and Miller's career bests. Of the success of the film, Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore said, "... the audience got exactly what it was. A fun summer movie, a great way to end your summer. You just relax and have a good time."

"G.I. Joe" did not only do best in its domestic market, it also did well overseas. Raking in $44.1 million from 35 territories, the movie based on the Hasbro action figure toy line took first place in at least 13 territories and threw down three-week champ "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" from the #1 throne. With the international sales, "G.I. Joe" has so far pulled in $175 million worldwide.

The runner-up position went to "Julie & Julia". Debuted Friday, August 7, the Meryl Streep and Amy Adams-starring culinary dramedy has a solid opening with $20 million. Talking about the opening slot of the movie which coincides with "G.I. Joe", Sony's head of distribution Rory Bruer said, "We felt the audience we were going to start with was going to be very hungry by this point. It's a really fun movie with heart and humor and good food."

"G-Force" stayed strong at third place. The film that combines live action and computer-generated animation took in another $9.9 million to the total of $86.2 million after three weeks in the theaters. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", on the other hand, slipped to fourth. The sixth "Harry Potter" film grabbed $8.9 million in its fourth week and collected a total of $273.8 million.

Tumbling down from the first spot to fifth was "Funny People". The Judd Apatow-drama comedy experienced a 64.8% decline in sales and garnered only $8 million over the weekend. Meanwhile, "A Perfect Getaway" was another newcomer to the chart. The David Twohy's thriller opened seventh with $5.9 million in its pocket.

Top Ten Movies at Weekend Box Office for August 7 - 9:
  1. "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" - $54.7 million
  2. "Julie & Julia" - $20 million
  3. "G-Force" - $9.9 million
  4. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" - $8.9 million
  5. "Funny People" - $8 million
  6. "The Ugly Truth" - $6.8 million
  7. "A Perfect Getaway " - $5.9 million
  8. "Aliens in the Attic" - $4 million
  9. "500 Days of Summer" - $3.7 million
  10. "Orphan" - $3.67 million

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