Exclusive Interview: Erika Jayne on 'Pretty Mess' and Having Fun

Exclusive Interview: Erika Jayne on 'Pretty Mess' and Having Fun

Brought up in the house surrounded with classical music, this recently dubbed Billboard Breakout Artist of the Week shares how she is drawn to club music and who has inspired her over the years.
Having scored two #1 singles with "Rollercoaster" and "Stars", Erika Jayne proves to the world that she is one to watch when her third single "Give You Everything" tops Billboard Dance Chart. With 33 radio adds in the first week, she has also passed hitmakers Lady GaGa and The Pussycat Dolls to be crowned Billboard Breakout Artist of the Week.

AceShowbiz.com has got the chance to have a chat with the singer who has been called to be the next Madonna. In the exclusive interview, she opens up about her childhood memory, how 2009 becomes the year for her to release the debut album "Pretty Mess", and many more.

ASB: With your three chart topping club singles as proof, it looks like that you're ready to take the dance world by storm. Have you ever imagined that you would be this big?

Erika Jayne: You always hoped to do well, but this success has been really great. So, I'm pleasantly surprised.

ASB: How is it like being crowned Billboard Breakout Artist of the Week?

Erika Jayne: It feels really good. It feels amazing.

ASB: Each year you came up with a new single starting with "Roller Coaster" in 2007. Do you have a reason behind it?

Erika Jayne: No, they were three good songs that came about, and we released them. And, they did...they had their own life. They did very well.

ASB: Why wait three years before coming out with "Pretty Mess"?

Erika Jayne: I don't know that I was waiting. I was working, creating all at the same time. And, it's just so happen that this was the timing.

ASB: Your upcoming album is being compared to Madonna's work circa "Ray of Light", calling yours to be "fresh with enough variety to hold ones' interest". Do you think so too?

Erika Jayne: I think I made the music I wanted to make. I'm pleased with the outcome and I think that's a very nice comparison.

ASB: Every song in the album has its own characteristics and style. So, how would you describe your music overall?

Erika Jayne: This album is about fantasy, love and escape. And, having a good time, dancing around and feeling good.

ASB: What is the most challenging part in making music for your new album?

Erika Jayne: I think just exploring more, taking more risk and being willing to spread your wings a little bit and try new things.

ASB: What do you want to achieve with this new album in terms of making your mark in the industry?

Erika Jayne: My goal is to always have a good time and to make music that people responds to and that I like.

ASB: Is there any secret collaboration that we need to know in this record?

Erika Jayne: No, not yet.

ASB: About the title of your new album "Pretty Mess", is there any specific message that you try to convey to your fans?

Erika Jayne: "Pretty Mess" is just a description. Sometimes you are a princess, sometimes you are a temptress and sometime you are a pretty mess.

ASB: Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Erika Jayne: No, I don't. Probably when I was a kid. But, I feel fortunate to have written a third of this album.

ASB: What was the inspiration behind four songs you wrote for "Pretty Mess"?

Erika Jayne: I think just my personal experiences, things that I've seen and I'm pretty visual for the things that are around me.

ASB: As your idol, how big would you describe Prince's influence on your music?

Erika Jayne: You know, I've always loved the erotic quality of Prince. I just think he's a musical genius and I've always admired everything that he's done.

ASB: How is it working with his protege Sheila E. on "Time to Realize" feel like?

Erika Jayne: She's amazing. She's an amazing musician, but more importantly she's a really special human being and very nice person. And, [she] could not have been nicer to me. I don't have enough nice things to say about her.

ASB: What drew you to pop/dance music in the first place?

Erika Jayne: I think, you know, I grew up MTV generation, under Madonna and all of those great people [like] Michael Jackson and Prince. They were huge influences on me. And, club music when I started going to clubs. That's a natural progression. Something that I like.

ASB: As a pianist, does your mother affect you in terms of music, career-wise?

Erika Jayne: You know, one of my special childhood memories is waking up on the weekend and listening to my mother playing downstairs. She was classical pianist. So, we would have all these beautiful classical music in the house and that was such a wonderful feeling. So, sure. She's been an influence on my musical career.

ASB: Is there any plan to release another single this year?

Erika Jayne: Oh, perhaps, sure. I'm always creating. I'm in the studio now and you never know, you may come up with something really great.

ASB: When will you start the tour?

Erika Jayne: I'm performing tonight [August 6] in Hollywood. I'll be next week in New York City and Atlantic City. Early September in Las Vegas. And, then we will start looking at the rest of the world very soon.

ASB: Can you share on how and when were you signed to your current recording company E1 Music?

Erika Jayne: No, I cannot. They are great company and I feel very fortunate to be with them.

ASB: Beside preparing to release your new album, do you have another project?

Erika Jayne: [Pretty Mess] consumes my time right now, performing and getting the music out there. And, letting people see what we're doing is pretty much keeping me busy right now.

ASB: Contributing to other artists' work maybe?

Erika Jayne: Sure, I'd love to collaborate with the right person.

ASB: What do you think about collaborating with musicians from different genres?

Erika Jayne: I think it would be fantastic.

ASB: Any plan to do such thing?

Erika Jayne: There's no plan right now.

ASB: You wrote on MySpace that you are extremely passionate about fashion and fashion trends. Do you have plan to make your own fashion line if you get the chance?

Erika Jayne: I've thought about it. I'm busy, but if the time comes up, sure. There's certain things that I really like that I think I could design that other woman would like as well.

ASB: You appear to be flirty and seductive in your singles' music videos. Do they represent your true personality?

Erika Jayne: Flirty and seductive? I'd say that's definitely a part of my personality. Sure.

ASB: Are there any other things we need to know?

Erika Jayne: You know, I think that I'm so excited about August 11, the release of my album. I'm excited about the shows coming up and I continue to create. I hope that everyone enjoys it and to remember to dance and love each other.

ASB: If you were to experience a great love affair, which celebrity would you pick to have an affair with?

Erika Jayne: Do I have to pick just one? [Laugh] No, I won't tell. I have a secret crush, but I won't tell.

ASB: Have your skills as a ballet dancer helped you on your stage performance?

Erika Jayne: I would think so. Sure, without a doubt.

ASB: Will you incorporate it into one of your music videos?

Erika Jayne: Not necessarily ballet, but certainly dance.

ASB: Before we end, could you please give a shout out to your fans at AceShowbiz?

Erika Jayne: Hey, this is Erica Jayne. And, I'd like to give a shout out to everybody at AceShowbiz!

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