Comic Con 2009: Trailer of 'Dexter' Season 4 Shared

Comic Con 2009: Trailer of 'Dexter' Season 4 Shared

The footage shows how Dexter deals with fatherhood, having to take a call from Rita about their son while in the middle of his mission.
A new trailer of "Dexter" was shared during the 2009 San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, July 23. Presented before the panel was started, the new footage serves as the promotion to the fourth season. It shows the changes within Dexter as he juggles his newly-found experience as a father, and John Lithgow appearing as the new villain, The Trinity.

In the trailer, Dexter is seen rocking his baby and says to him softly, "Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people." It continues with Dexter living an apparently normal life on the suburbans with Rita and her kids. "Dexter Morgan has everything he wants, except the one thing he needs...time to kill," so the caption is read. Glimpses of Trinity and how he is about to kill a boy's mother were then shown.

Lithgow came in support of the panel, talking more about his character including spilling that he has not shared screens with the rest of the stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz who also attended the panel. "We've done five episodes now," he said. "I still lurk and stalk .. I haven't worked with any of these people yet. I can't wait to have scenes with them."

He talked more about Trinity, saying "On 'Dexter' I play a serial killer and his first victim is High Commander Dick Solomon. ...I can't tell you anything about this marvelous character, but he has many layers and colors."

Hall then took time to answer some questions including whether his baby has the tendencies to inherit his serial killer blood. "The baby has yet to exhibit any signs," Hall said. "It's possibly there, lurking."

One interesting clue of what to expect from the future 12 episodes came from Lithgow. He said, "I'm the only person on the set who knows what's going to happen in all 12 episodes. I could speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode."

"Dexter" panel at this year's Comic Con was one of the biggest ones held at Ballroom 20. Shortly before the session was run, it was announced that there would be 12 animated webisodes titled "Earl Cuts" which is narrated by Hall to be released this Fall. It will chronicle the time Dexter learns how to be a serial killer.

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