Shaquille O'Neal's Wife, Shaunie, Recovering From Minor Car Crash

Shaquille O'Neal

Recovering from minor injures she suffered from a car crash earlier this week, Shaunie tweets "super sore...but I'm good."
Shaunie Nelson, the wife of famous basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, is recovering after being involved in a minor car crash earlier this week. It has been confirmed that Shaunie escaped serious injury and she herself has tweeted of her latest condition, writing "super sore...but I'm good."

Chronicling the accident, Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Miller has told the Associated Press that Shaunie was making her way to the Orlando airport on Tuesday, July 21 when the town car she was in was rear-ended by another car at an intersection. Authorities said Shaunie's car had stopped at the intersection when the light turned yellow, but driver of the other car didn't stop.

Shaunie along with the town car's driver and a 20-year-old passenger were taken to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the other car was ticketed for careless driving.

Shaunie Nelson and Shaquille O'Neal tied the knot December 26, 2002. They are parents to four children; Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me'arah. Additionally, Shaunie also has one child named Myles from a previous relationship and Shaquille has another one called Taahirah from his previous relationship.

In early September 2007, Shaquille filed for divorce from Shaunie, claiming in the divorce petition their marriage was "irretrievably broken." The couple has since reconciled and the divorce was withdrawn.

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