Sexy Photos of Robert Pattinson Unveiled

Robert Pattinson

Some "super sexy, never-seen" shots of the British actor are made public on the newest issue of US Weekly.
Nowadays sought-after actor, Robert Pattinson, creates another media frenzy yet again as US Weekly has made public a number of what is called as "super sexy, never-seen" shots of the "Twilight" leading actor. The pics were taken in New York City by photographer Theo Wenner and inspired by James Dean and 1991 film "My Own Private Idaho" that starred River Phoenix.

In one of the pics obtained by the publication, Robert is seen wearing a jeans vest combined with matching pants. His unbuttoned top exposes his chest for the camera. He is photographed smiling. In another pic, he is snapped soaking wet and wearing a white t-shirt and necklace. "They threw a bucket of water on him!" a source on set says of the star's wet t-shirt look. "He was willing to do anything. Didn't complain at all."

The two described photos are parts of a 6-page exclusive secret photo shoot of Robert featured on the new issue of US Weekly, which hits the newsstands on Wednesday, July 8. According to the print media, those snaps are originally taken for Rolling Stone.

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