Kris Allen Works With Joe King of The Fray for Debut Album

Kris Allen

Kris Allen and The Fray's guitarist Joe King work together in Timbaland's studio, 'mixing the rough demo' for Kris' upcoming debut album.
While his fellow "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert gets helping hands from RedOne for his post-Idol album, Kris Allen has The Fray's guitarist Joe King on his team for his debut effort. "I'm literally in the studio mixing the rough demo right now," Joe told MTV during a phone interview. "It doesn't have a title yet. It doesn't even have lyrics - but there is a lot of gibberish."

Explaining further about how the recording process is going on so far, Joe said, "It was a very good vibe in the studio." He added, "There was no pressure - we just had breakfast, got to know each other. It was all very organic after that."

Kris and Joe craft the new song in Timbaland's studio. Unfortunately, the powerhouse producer is not present during the session. "But Timbaland's brother was there along with his crew, and it added this great energy to the session. When the boys heard the track, they started hanging around," Joe shared. "Timbaland's brother said if Timbaland was upstairs and he heard this melody, he'd walk in the studio and say, 'That's a melody'."

Aside from hitting the studio with Joe King, Kris will also work with acclaimed producers Salaam Remi (Nas, Amy Winehouse) and Claude Kelly (Leona Lewis, Akon). Kris plans to drop the record this fall under 19 Recordings/Jive Records.

In related news, Kris Allen is currently rehearsing for the upcoming Idol Summer Tour which will be kicked off on July 5. "The energy is going to be better on tour," Allen said. "No one's judging you."

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