Forensic Expert Brought In to Examine David Carradine's Body

Famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden has confirmed his involvement in the investigation of David Carradine's death, revealing that he will perform a private autopsy.

AceShowbiz - In their bid to get the answers behind David Carradine's sudden death in Thailand, the family of the kung fu star have reached out to U.S. forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden. To Radar Online, the famed forensic pathologist confirmed his involvement, saying that Mark Geragos, the lawyer representing David's brother Keith Carradine, has contacted him and asked him for his help.

"The body has been flown back to Los Angeles," the former chief forensic pathologist for the New York State Police added. "I'll soon be leaving New York for L.A. to conduct the forensic examination." Baden, who hosts the HBO series "Autopsy", has been involved in the investigations of countless celebrity deaths including Nicole Brown Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith.

Earlier, Geragos himself told the Associated Press that David's family will ask Baden to investigate whether another person could have been involved in the actor's death. "It's an amazing thing what a good pathologist can accomplish," explained the attorney about the recruitment of the forensic expert.

As for the suggested autoerotic asphyxiation in David's possible cause of death, Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, chairman of the Department of Forensic Sciences at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said that Baden is familiar with it. "He'll perform a typical autopsy of the body ... [and] a psychological autopsy, to get into the mind of the deceased," he stated. "If there's evidence of pornography or sexual apparatus, that would support the notion this was autoerotic."

David, 72, was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room Thursday, June 4, hanging naked in a closet with ropes tied around his wrists, neck and genitals. An autopsy has already been performed by Thai authorities on Friday, June 5, and results of the autopsy are not expected for at least three weeks. Meanwhile, David's body was flown out of Bangkok on Saturday to Los Angeles for burial.

On the involvement of the FBI, the bureau's spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said, "The FBI has been contacted by representatives of the Carradine family and is in contact with the FBI's legal attache at the US Embassy in Bangkok to obtain further information and to determine if the Thai authorities are requesting or would welcome FBI assistance in this matter."

Responding to that, Thai authorities has said on Monday, June 8, that they had no problem opening the investigation to FBI observers. "If the FBI wants to get involved, we will do our best to cooperate," Thai police Maj. Gen. Amnuay Nimmano shared to the press.

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