Susan Boyle Threatened to Quit 'Britain's Got Talent'

The pressure of fame and constant hounding from paparazzi have contributed to the tears shed by Susan Boyle who is about to take the stage on Saturday, May 30.

AceShowbiz - In perhaps an expected outcome, Susan Boyle had a meltdown due to the pressures that came along with her instant fame. The fact was delivered by one of "Britain's Got Talent" judges, Piers Morgan, who said that the 47-year-old shed a tear, packed her bags and threatened to quit the show on Wednesday, May 27.

Susan, who amazed the world in the show's audition with "I Dream a Dream", advanced to the finale after getting voted by the audience on the semi-final round last week. But three days shy from the final round, Susan found the sudden fame overwhelming. "She's been in tears repeatedly," Morgan opened up in a TV interview with Inside Edition which aired Thursday, May 28. "And, as of yesterday, she was packing her bags."

In addition to the paparazzi swarming her house, Susan was also reportedly distressed over her competition, Shaheen Jafargholi. She allegedly watched a re-broadcast episode of "Britain's Got Talent" where Piers and fellow judge Simon Cowell praised the young singer. However, this has been tackled by Shaheen himself who told the reporters in the video below that he got along well with Susan.

The Sun also reported that Susan was approached by two men earlier this week and she reportedly yelled "How f***ing dare you! You can't f***ing talk to me like that!" after having words with them. A rep of the show then issued the statement: "Two journalists were harassing her and pushed (Boyle) over the edge. She was left slightly distressed and the journalists were removed from the building by police."

Ironically, just after her performance of "Memory" last week, Susan told host Ant & Dec that she felt absolutely no pressure and that she enjoyed "every second" of it.

Piers gave a piece of advice to Susan, telling her to ignore the rest and concentrate on her upcoming performance on Saturday, May 30. "She is beginning to realize that her life will never be the same," Piers said. "But, you know, I feel very, very sorry for her. I've tried to explain to her ... most people out there still have great affection for you and are really willing you to victory."

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