Eminem Meant to Wish Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon the Best

Eminem says he actually meant to wish Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon the best despite his 'pretty harsh' words in song 'Bagpipes From Baghdad'.

AceShowbiz - After being blasted by Nick Cannon for mocking Mariah Carey in "Bagpipes From Baghdad", Eminem steps out to provide his side of story. In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, the Slim Shady explained about what he really meant in the new song, saying "I meant to say I wish them the best."

Insisting that the whole idea of making a reference to Mariah and Nick is not aimed to insult the couple, Eminem noted, "I had no idea Nick Cannon was going to Wild Out on me." The rapper, however, admitted that the song's lyrics indeed are "pretty harsh."

Nick Cannon is not the only one who responds to Eminem dissing Mariah Carey. Most recently, Busta Rhymes told the Slim Shady to leave the diva alone and wished them to get along despite the feud issue.

In related news, Eminem's commercial video for his much-awaited studio album "Relapse" has been banned from being aired on TV. The ad which features him staying submerged on a blood-flooded bathtub is deemed too gory for TV viewers.

Eminem's interview with Tim Westwood:

Eminem's banned TV ad for "Relapse":

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