Recap of 'The Biggest Loser Couples 2': 30 Days at Home

Recap of 'The Biggest Loser Couples 2': 30 Days at Home

The remaining 4 contestants of 'The Biggest Loser' went home for 30 days and survived a marathon before the final weigh in.
"The Biggest Loser" was down to four people after the departure of Filipe last week. The remaining contestants, Ron, Mike, Tara and Helen, were sent home for a 30-day break from the campus. But they will be back for a final weigh in before viewers at home can vote who deserve to be in the final three on the live finale May 12.

There was a short montage of how the four contestants had gone through the regimes and lost a lot of pounds in week 17. Tara started off with 294 pounds, Helen was 257 pounds, Mike was 388 pounds while Ron was at staggering 430 pounds.

At home, each of them keep a video diary that shows a lot of flashbacks for comparison. Mike admitted that he craved for fast food and was in fact working at a fast food restaurant. Helen meanwhile, went through her closet and was amazed when she found a pair of pants that was so big. She broke down in tears after finding a pants that she thought did not belong to her.

Ron was concern that he was responsible for the weight problem of his children. He is happy with Mike's condition but is worried about his other son, Max. In another place, Tara said that she was not living life to the fullest since she was always self-conscious. She went to a restaurant with her friends to recall her days when she was heavy.

Tara won a $25,000 kitchen makeover and she gave it for her mom. A box containing a DVD, where it was explained that they will be running a marathon, was dropped at each contestant's home. All four of them were scared on the prospect of 26.2 miles run.

Jillian then made surprise visits and she was ecstatic when she found out that Mike was in the gym. Mike instantly asked Jillian's favor of training his brother, Max who reminds him of his past. Jillian told Mike to stop worrying about Max for now. Jillian then made a visit to Tara who was happy to meet her. Tara showed her room's condition that reflected her lost of control. Jillian took her for a work out and a drink.

Bob took turns in visiting Mike and Ron. The trainer was surprised when hearing that Ron wanted to participate in the marathon. Bob also made time to talk to Max and helped him with the food choice and what kind of workout is best for him. Then, Jillian stopped by Helen's house, and discovered that Helen, too, had lost a sense of control. Jillian told her to relax over a glass of wine.

The day had arrived for the marathon and all four of them were running including Ron who was not given the clean bill to run by doctor. Also joining the marathon were Tara's friends, Helen's husband, Max and a friend of Ron. Helen was losing spirit after her husband gave up while Mike spent most of the time worrying about his father. Ron had to stop at mile five but was still determined to finish the run.

Tara received a boost of spirit when visited by former "Biggest Loser" champ, Ali Vincent. Other winners from previous seasons also popped up their faces, including last season's Michelle Aguilar who pumped it up for Helen. Tara finished first, followed by Helen and Mike. After 13 grueling hours, Ron reached the finish line. Each of the players get $10,000 to be donated to charity of their choice.

The final weigh in was then revealed. Ron lost 10 pounds but was rather disappointed because it was under what he expected. Mike similarly lost 10 pounds while Helen shed 7 pounds. Tara was crying when finding out that she lost 10 pounds. Ron begged audience to let through his son to the final three.

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