Artist of the Week: Lacuna Coil

Artist of the Week: Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil will drop their new album 'Shallow Life' produced by Don Gilmore, who has worked with Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne, on April 21 in U.S. market.
Lacuna Coil are gearing up to release new studio album "Shallow Life" across America on April 21. Prior to the album's release, they have debuted "Spellbound", the first single off the record, during 2009 Australian Soundwave Festival in February. A month later, a music video for the song was premiered.

Commenting on what the new album is all about, vocalist Cristina Scabbia says it "is [about] a natural metamorphosis from within the band." She continues, "We explored different musical territories while maintaining our own style. A mix of old and new, fast and slow and light and dark."

"The album production is incredibly powerful and has a beautiful purity to it. Hopefully listeners will feel the same sort of connection that we have to these songs. 'Shallow Life' has forced us to challenge ourselves. It represents the way we see ourselves in the days we live in through truth, love and lies."

In deciding who they want to work with in "Shallow Life", this Italian gothic metal band "picked different names that [they were] interested in" and sent them their demo tapes. At the end, they ended up lingering in studio with producer Don Gilmore, the mastermind behind Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne's hit singles.

Cristina states, "We got different feedback, but we found out that Don was the most passionate about it." She explains more, "He told me he saw a lot of potential in this album. So we decided to meet him in Milan, where we live. He came by and we played the songs for him. We went out for dinner, talked about the songs, and just clicked immediately."

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