Green Day's 'Know Your Enemy' Music Video Sneak Peek

Green Day's 'Know Your Enemy' music video is made available to peek through a snippet and a behind-the-scenes video footage.

AceShowbiz - A preview of Green Day's "Know Your Enemy" music video has been found. It teases what can be enjoyed from the forthcoming video. In the sneak peek, the band fronted by Billy Joe Armstrong are seen performing the song with fire burning on the background. Their performance is sometimes intercepted with a capture of basketball game.

In addition to the sneak peek, a behind-the-scenes video footage has also been outed. In the footage, bass guitarist Mike Dirnt talks about the pyrotechnics in the video, stating, "Tre Cool has never been so hot."

Previously, Matthew Cullen, who directs the video, shared to MTV, "We shot in downtown Los Angeles - in a real urban center - and the video is Green Day performing. There isn't another single person in it." He added, "It's based very much on my interpretation of the lyrics, but it connects to the title of the song, and it plays to the environment of fear that we've created for ourselves."

"Know Your Enemy" will exclusively be premiered on MTV on April 24 at 8 P.M. ET. It offers "a new experience for a lot of [Green Day's] fans."

Sneak peek of Green Day's "Know Your Enemy" music video:

Behind-the-scenes of Green Day's "Know Your Enemy" music video:

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