Simon Cowell Not Leaving 'American Idol', Yet

'American Idol' will see the sharp-tongue judge Simon Cowell at least for another year before the contract runs out.

AceShowbiz - Reports on "American Idol" minus Simon Cowell have been circulated starting this week but it is quickly denied. To the Associated Press, the acid-tongue judge said that he is in for another year, which is in line to what his contract with FOX has specified.

Cowell sent shock through his fans when he did an interview with The Daily Mirror, revealing that he would rather keep up with his other show "Britain's Got Talent" than "X-Factor" and "American Idol". He stated, "And I have to say that in terms of the auditions, I much prefer doing Britain's Got Talent than X Factor and Idol because they genuinely make me laugh. I have no idea what is coming next. It is genius TV. It is beautifully made and brutally observed."

Tackling the speculation that he is leaving the show, Simon said that he loves "Idol" but won't cross out any future options. According to AP, he is still looking forward to ease the workload.

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