Artist of the Week: MIMS

Artist of the Week: MIMS

MIMS has come out with a new album 'Guilt', a follow up to his first album 'Music Is My Savior', which contains hit single 'This Is Why I'm Hot'.
After he reigned over Billboard Hot 100 in 2007 with "This Is Why I'm Hot" off debut album "Music Is My Savior" but failed to re-capture the same success with his next single, rapper MIMS is often considered as one-hit wonder. In a bid to prove that it is not true, he is back with another studio album "Guilt".

MIMS has just dropped the new record in U.S. on April 7. On the same day the album arrived in stores, he held a listening party taking place at Citrine, which is located in the heart of Chelsea, with DJ Shogun of Headshell Ltd. serving behind turntable.

Prior to the album's outing, MIMS has released "Move (If You Wanna)", the first single off the new album, in October 2008, and debuted a music video for the song in February this year. On April 14, he will perform the track, which currently is at number 11 on Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart, on ABC's late-night TV show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

The second single from his new album reportedly is a song called "Love Rollercoaster". Containing flirtatious lyrics, the track has LeToya Luckett lending her vocals on the hook.

Recently, MIMS exclusively shared to AceShowbiz about the story behind several songs in the new album. Speaking about his duet song with Bob Marley's son, Ky-Mani Marley, he promised the track is "gonna be something that hits everybody."

Another song that MIMS discussed was KVN-featuring track "Chasing Sunshine". Fully arranged by orchestra, the song has "nothing really repeated" and so has "no consistency" in it.

"The record means a lot to me," MIMS said. "Because when I came to the game from getting very successful, you realize that a lot of things in life you should value, before you value money. It's actually called 'Chasing Sunshine/If I Don't have You' with featured artist KVN, and anybody who thinks ... their money gonna make them happy, I am here to say, this record kinda say that it is not."

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