Russell Brand Disses Miley Cyrus' 'Miles to Go'

Russell Brand

Russell Brand thinks Miley Cyrus should not write her just released autobiography "Miles to Go", claiming she is too young to write a tome.
British actor-comedian Russell Brand has initiated war of words with teen sensation Miley Cyrus, criticizing her for writing her newly released autobiography "Miles to Go" at such a young age. "Miley Cyrus?" the 33-year-old star said when he was informed about her tome. "She's only been alive half an hour. What's she going to say: 'The womb was warm?'"

"It's nice in there. There's all sorts of fluids," he continued criticizing Miley's tome. "That's not a book. I don't buy it. It's a very short story. Anything that's been written by a sperm and an ovum--it's too short."

Russell Brand himself is having his own autobiography which includes in it some raunchy chapter titles, like "Umbilical Noose," "Teacher's Whisky", and "Let's Not Tell Our Mums." Among the topics that he discusses in the book are how his father introduced him to prostitutes on a trip to Asia and how he once got into a naked, drug-fueled brawl with a stripper.

Having war of words with other celebs, in fact, isn't something new for Russell. Back in September 2008, during his hosting gig at the MTV Video Music Awards, he made fun of Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings and for vowing to stay celibate until they get married. He later apologized though after being criticized by many other stars.

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