Description of 'Terminator Salvation' New York Preview

Previewing sneak peeks of 'Terminator Salvation' in front of select press in New York City, director McG told the press that the John Connor character was inspired by Jesus.

AceShowbiz - Some early footage from "Terminator Salvation" have been screened for selected press in New York City, Monday, January 12 and several publications have got reports on the scenes previewed. Noting that director McG has called the action thriller as "a war film", MTV hinted that the screened footage were filled with "heart-pounding battles, anxiety-inducing silences, big explosions and bigger explosions".

Meanwhile, ComingSoon came out with a detailed description of the clips shown. Explaining what can be seen in the first clip, the site wrote that it begins with a scene where %cAnton Yelchin%'s Kyle Reese and %cSam Worthington%'s Marcus Wright arrive at a seemingly abandoned 7-Eleven. When Reese spots an opened bottle of milk, they realize that someone is there and soon enough find themselves confronted by a group of rebels.

Before they can come to an agreement, a giant crane-like claw crashes through the roof and starts grabbing people. The giant claw is part of the Harvester Terminator, a massive metal Skynet robot which mission is to kidnap humans for Skynet's research. Trying to take down the giant robot, Wright and Reese make use of a tow truck to push a gas tanker at it. However, after the tanker is blown, making the entire complex goes up in flame, the Harvester stands still. Bursting out of the fire, it then unleashes two what seems to be robotic motorcycles, "Moto-Terminators".

The second clip, on the other hand, presents footage with Wright and %cChristian Bale%'s John Connor. The clip starts with a flying helicopter being attacked by Hydrobots. When the chopper has been successfully brought down to the water by the robot, Wright and Connor try to get out of the Hydrobot-infested water. The scene to follow allegedly contains the major revelation of Wright which makes Connor unable to trust him. At the end of the clip, the two then go their separate ways.

Aside from previewing some footage, director McG also talked about where the inspirations for John Connor character came from. To MTV, he stated that he and Jonathan Nolan were influenced by the stories of Luke Skywalker and Neo from "The Matrix" as well as Jesus. "Jesus," the filmmaker gushed. "Here's a guy who's saying, 'Listen to me, I know what's going on.' Some people listen, some people don't believe a word he's saying."

"Terminator Salvation" is the fourth installment of the "Terminator" franchise. Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, it follows a stranger whose past could not be justified, Marcus Wright, when he joins John Connor in his resistance army. Having veteran composer Danny Elfman set to score the music, it is slated to be released in the U.S. on May 22.

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