Webclip and Second Promo of 'One Tree Hill' 6.14

Webclip and Second Promo of 'One Tree Hill' 6.14

In 'A Hand to take Hold of the Scene', Chase has something to say to Mia and three revelations will be made.
A new webclip is released to promote the January 12 episode of "One Tree Hill", "A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene". It takes on the scene of Mia practicing in the studio with Haley when Chase comes by to say something to her. Mia is played by real-life singer Kate Voegele who is in the show as a recurring cast.

Another promo is also released for the episode, showing the three confessions that the lead characters have to reveal. Peyton breaks the news of her pregnancy to Brooke, Mouth finds out that Millicent has slept with Owen and Brooke having dilemma in telling Peyton that she's going on a date with Julian.

"A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene" is directed by Chad Michael Murray. Also in the episode, Peyton and Lucas babysit Jamie and his friend, while Haley and Nathan spend a night out together.
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